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Function for obfuscate Text in html pages. good for making screenshot and mind data protection if needed. changes Text into many small divs with different bgcolor.
0 2688 posted 1 year ago by PietKeizer
This is the basic code that you need to know to connect and list data with PDO. Don't use de old method (mysql_connect and mysqli_connect) to connect and interact with databases.
0 332 posted 6 years ago by snstro
This code demonstrates how to create and parse the JSON data format of using array of PHP. It's a very simple code, that allows you to perform this task.
0 319 posted 7 years ago by apphp-snippets
Abstract class from which other classes can be derived to handle database access and data retrieval. Constants for database connection (DB_DSN, DB_USERNAME, etc.) must be set in another php file (eg. config.php)
1 257 posted 9 years ago by osccar
This is a custom class for caching results through php's session. The class can be used to cache anything, but i use it to cache mysql results so i don't have to get all the time the results by querying MySQL (wich may take a long time, especialy if...
0 340 posted 9 years ago by TimoZachi
Rescatamos los datos que pasamos por apprequest .
0 358 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
Rescato variables desde un iframe con $signed_request
0 261 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
Traditionally when you have lost lists of dat you want to alternate rows for usability. The first thing everybody makes to fix this is a simple if statement loop, but this adds a number of lines and is hardly a clean solution. Additionally it require...
0 243 posted 9 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
0 169 posted 10 years ago by olemedia
0 241 posted 10 years ago by kangcom
1 270 posted 10 years ago by fackz
Example set of files for data mapping objects to db records. (Not perfect, but funcional)
0 210 posted 10 years ago by nikefido
1 224 posted 10 years ago by sadus
Gets all meta data keys/values for a particular post
1 270 posted 10 years ago by mattkenefick
A small snippet on how to create a dynamic model in CakePHP (useful for global functions that need a model to function. IE functions defined in the AppController
0 190 posted 10 years ago by stolkchris
0 258 posted 11 years ago by Myrddin
This function is very helpfull when you need to put some data (that was gotten from database) to HTML table. You can choose vertical or horizontal types. **Horizontal type:** | 1 | 2 | 3 | | 4 | 5 | 6 | | 7 | 8 | 9 | **Vertical type:**...
1 392 posted 11 years ago by kirik
Use this function to print out all the rows in a table. Specify columns to show using the columnstring parameter: tablulardata(tablename, columnstring); ie: tabluardata("users","username=Username|fname=First Name|lname=Last Name");
1 228 posted 12 years ago by kilrizzy
Use this function to pull all columns from a single database field. getrowdata(tablename,rowid,prefix); You would call this function like: getrowdata("users",$_SESSION['user'],"user_"); The prefix is the prefix you want for the array names,...
1 237 posted 12 years ago by kilrizzy
1 231 posted 12 years ago by fackz
Para utilizar, proceda assim: echo formata_data_extenso('2007-04-17'); echo formata_data_extenso('2007-04-17 15:20:35');
1 216 posted 12 years ago by fackz
Using this you can get the inside string from another given string. Great for scraping data from other sites.
0 207 posted 12 years ago by Unreal
Explode de data para formato BR
0 187 posted 12 years ago by wesleymacente
Simplified form to extract data through MySQL
0 196 posted 12 years ago by LondonWeb
This is a simple class to encapsulate CURD functions. This class also includes some simple search methods.
1 283 posted 13 years ago by ecavazos
sorting, searching in array, some string function
0 270 posted 14 years ago by juno
0 212 posted 14 years ago by deadmoon
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