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By default Apache won't allow you to download a file over 2GB. This PHP script overcomes that along with some extra goodies. The script will read from standard url path the file on the server to download and display the filesize along with a link...
1 42 posted 6 years ago by deanhouseholder
*Example:* if (!isRewriteMod()) exit('Please install Apache mod_rewrite module.');
0 34 posted 6 years ago by phpdev
Get Current URL Path on Apache / IIS
1 37 posted 7 years ago by rickygri
These two snippets together, the first in the .htaccess file, and the second in your PHP create an elegantly simple solution to arbitrary URLs with php. For a breakdown and example check out the link. Don't want to follow the link, how about the q...
0 44 posted 7 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
0 12 posted 8 years ago by Jotape
2 40 posted 8 years ago by farstar78
Created by me as a quick and secure way of creating a username and password for basic authentication via a .htpasswd file on an Apache server. A live demo is available at http://www.chrishair.co.uk/supgha/ Thanks.
0 14 posted 8 years ago by hairzo
Ha az internet explorerben nem sikerül a fájl letöltése(olyan hibát dob, hogy nem tudja letölteni), akkor ezt a headerbe kell belerakni és már töltődik is a fájl.
0 16 posted 8 years ago by oozolii
compress & combine CSS files and param theme with PHP vars
0 28 posted 8 years ago by giak
Save in a php file and run in the directory. Remove directory files through ftp. Remove php file
0 10 posted 9 years ago by resting
2 etapas: .htaccess e config.php
0 10 posted 9 years ago by joaobarbosa
0 8 posted 9 years ago by newsok
I’ve recently had to quickly parse an Apache log file, to get basic usage statistics for a site over a month and wanted the ability to quickly process any general logs and store them in a MySQL table, so I’ve made a small package class.log. In...
2 37 posted 9 years ago by dom111
this function return associative array from SERVER_SOFTWARE
1 18 posted 9 years ago by naz
you'll need this .htaccess file also RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule .* - [E=INFO_API_VERSION:%{API_VERSION},NE] RewriteRule .* - [E=INFO_AUTH_TYPE:%{AUTH_TYPE},NE] RewriteRule .* - [E=INFO_CONTENT_LENGTH:%{CONTENT_LENGTH},NE] Rewrit...
2 30 posted 9 years ago by jessecary
I written this code to parse apache log in common log formats. It may have problems with irresponsible formatting like non-concluded into quotes request line. I welcome any modifications to my snippet because it was written if short time and this is...
0 12 posted 10 years ago by mpontus
Return just the Apache version number of your server, and operating system, from $_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'] Example: print ('Apache Version: ' . apacheversion()); will return something along the lines of... "Apache Version: 2.2.10 (Unix...
1 37 posted 11 years ago by iridium
0 18 posted 11 years ago by iTony
0 17 posted 13 years ago by whitetiger
1 8 posted 13 years ago by lucidcrew
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