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Show the output of a query in a more readable vertical format
0 122 posted 4 years ago by rm1984
Sets up the database for my project management software (in development - C#)
0 108 posted 6 years ago by JordanRowles
This is a very simple snippet about how to create a database 1st, a user and then assign some privileges to the user to allow him/her to perform some specific actions like insert, create, update, select etc.
0 123 posted 6 years ago by apphp-snippets
How to find a given column in a given database in MySQL
1 93 posted 7 years ago by philsown
You could start a transaction before running your queries and then rollback after running them. Note that to do this you'll require InnoDB or XtraDb tables (won't work on MyISAM).
0 116 posted 7 years ago by satie83
If you\'ve got a Wordpress install that\'s changed domain or you\'re making a local or development copy, you\'ll need to update the Wordpress DB tables with the new URL.\r\nThe first step is the options table, with siteurl and homeurl. The posts als...
1 68 posted 9 years ago by timkinnane
granting DB specific and general access priveleges from the CLI
1 69 posted 11 years ago by stiobhart
CLI commands for backing up mySQL database
2 107 posted 11 years ago by stiobhart
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