Project Management Database Setup Script

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Sets up the database for my project management software (in development - C#)

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  1. CREATE DATABASE myprojectmanager;
  2. USE myprojectmanager;
  4. CREATE TABLE project_information(
  5. project_name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
  6. start_date DATETIME NOT NULL,
  7. end_date DATETIME NULL,
  8. description TEXT NOT NULL,
  9. current_version DOUBLE NOT NULL,
  10. active BIT NOT NULL,
  11. last_updated DATETIME NOT NULL,
  12. local_repository VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,
  13. git_repository VARCHAR(60) NULL,
  14. working_repository VARCHAR(60) NOT NULL,
  15. priority INT NOT NULL,
  16. stage INT NOT NULL,
  17. dependency INT NOT NULL,

URL: Project_Manager_DB_Setup

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