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  1. FAV

    Form input field value replace onchange with jQuery

    If someone put text into an input field (or automatic e.g. with a 2d barcode scanner) and you want to replace a part of the input (pattern) then will help this small jquery code snippet.
    jQuery 20 views posted 7 years ago by bassdas
  2. FAV

    jQuery Masked Input - Unmask Function

    Removes anything that isn't a digit from input on complete.
    jQuery 6 views posted 7 years ago by vagrantradio
  3. FAV

    Take out decimal for Yen Currency

    Working on an ecommerce site I found out from our Japanese distrubutors that they don't have a decimal for the currency since yen doesn't deal in change. 1 yen is a fraction of a cent anyway! This code looks for the Yen since within a <span></span...
    jQuery 2 views posted 8 years ago by cpres
  4. FAV

    jQuery fancy select dropdown menu

    The option elements in the original select may provide an image and a second line of text by using a data-img and a data-info attribute.
    jQuery saved by 21 people 55 views posted 9 years ago by peckham
  5. FAV

    Textbox inside-label replace

    Replaces the pre-defined text of a textbox (e.g. the purpose of the textbox) when the textbox gets focussed, and resets the text if it blurs when empty
    jQuery saved by 1 person 5 views posted 9 years ago by cryothic
  6. FAV

    Find and Replace

    Finds word "AGM" and replace with acronym or abbr title.
    jQuery saved by 8 people 4 views posted 9 years ago by vagrantradio
  7. FAV


    Obvious but useful for styling Wordpress pagination
    jQuery 6 views posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
  8. FAV

    Remove text from a node (e.g in links)

    Removed a certain word from a list of links (purely for design reasons). Link length way to long with the link included.
    jQuery saved by 3 people 14 views posted 11 years ago by 1man
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