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Méthode n'autorisant que les nombres (positifs/négatifs/décimaux avec virgules ou points) dans un champ
0 110 posted 5 years ago by Igeco
N'autorise que les chiffres (avec , ou . ou négatifs) dans un input
0 87 posted 5 years ago by sebabarre
Creating fixed floated comment's box on right side
0 68 posted 6 years ago by maddev-
A little snippet that I use to hide or show text using jquery
1 108 posted 6 years ago by TwistedEinstein
add target blank
0 60 posted 7 years ago by thesmu
A complete lightbox with minimal code and full functionality: close button, close on escape keypress, close on lightbox blur event.
1 67 posted 8 years ago by mortu
Here’s a very simple script which adds numbers sequentially to an unordered list using jQuery
0 105 posted 8 years ago by satie83
Basic setup code for jQuery, linking to Google APIs for the jQuery library.
2 215 posted 8 years ago by adrianparr
This code snippet fetches the very latest minified version of jQuery from Google's CDN. If this is not available, we revert to a locally stored version (current version at time of publish was 1.7.1 - update this to suit going forward).
1 125 posted 8 years ago by Huskie
Dynamically add <label> HTML tag to input description, matching the input by adding an ID value to the input.
0 67 posted 8 years ago by jbernus
The HTML simply discovers if it's IE and its version or if it's not IE. The jQuery discovers if it's IE, Firefox, Webkit Engine (Chrome and Safari) or Opera and its version as an integer.
1 169 posted 8 years ago by cesarkohl
Since forms only read the name of the element and not the id, this could be helpful since it makes each each element's name its id and its id the name.
0 86 posted 8 years ago by tcam27
The comments for this are broken down into 2 parts, first the script is talked about, then theres a little about the HTML code that the script relies on. You can find more information at the URL, as well as an example of it in action. You can leave c...
0 67 posted 9 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
add the "a class" part in the body and the $('a.gallery') part between your javascript tags on the line right after $(document).ready(function() {
0 61 posted 9 years ago by gamblelyn
After being tasked with creating inputs like those on the twitter homepage I came up with this inline label system that uses jquery to control the labels (in the vase of the example it fase and slides them). The code is in three parts. First, the...
0 87 posted 9 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
Valiodate a form with jQuery.Validate and submit it with jQuery.form
1 59 posted 9 years ago by marzsman
When applied to a page, this script converts any sub-menus created in the Wordpress menu editor into drop-down menus without having to specify each menu item individually. Fades in sub-menu of selected list item quickly, then fades out when leaving l...
2 91 posted 9 years ago by happynuclear
This snippet will allow you to create a template browser for when you need to show multiple pages quickly. simply add the new pages into the select dropdown options and you're away.
0 47 posted 9 years ago by demwunz
See also the [plain JavaScript version](http://snipplr.com/view/41717/default-value-for-input-fields/).
1 89 posted 9 years ago by riddla
This is essentially how to detect an outside click for a dialog box on a website, using HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery. Essentially you need to understand event propagation how it works throughout the DOM with JQuery, to make this as simple as possib...
0 76 posted 9 years ago by alvincrespo
More info on SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4061489/jquery-duplicate-field-input-text-in-real-time
1 171 posted 9 years ago by logic-unit
This is a very useful piece of code (html, css, jquery) to have a nice animated floating menu on your page. I totally love it. I used it with jquery 1.3.2 and up
3 93 posted 9 years ago by e11world
Uses jQuery to give links with rel=\"external\" the ability to open in a new window, while keeping the document XHTML or HTML Strict. Works by assigning a \"_blank\" value to the \"target\" attribute of all such links after the page has already loade...
0 83 posted 9 years ago by Moridin
Sometime designers put form labels and instrucions into html inputs. One of the common uses is for login boxes when there’s not much space. I wrote a small jQuery plugin which dynamically replaces selected <input> fields with <input> fields display...
1 147 posted 10 years ago by ginoplusio
3 61 posted 10 years ago by bitmanic
finds a specific attribute in an iFrame and loads it to another div on page.
1 89 posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
jQuery Ajax function to load xml data into a table and add class to even rows for striping.
1 164 posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
0 55 posted 10 years ago by stancox
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