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Using the same code in different browsers can be displayed in different ways. Resetting styles will help you to avoid such problems.
0 30 posted 7 years ago by apphp-snippets
Cross Browser CSS Arrows / Triangles ======== *Tags: css, css Arrow, CSS Triangles, Cross Browser CSS Arrow, Cross Browser CSS Triangle* **Copyrights:** All Copyrights reserved to [Mohamed Alaa - Front End Developer](http://www.seniorwebdes...
0 21 posted 8 years ago by MohamedAlaa
0 15 posted 8 years ago by rprol
0 18 posted 9 years ago by Caneco
Sometimes, pages can be shorter than the browser view-port, and when you load a page on the same site that has longer content and uses a scrollbar, content can jump side to side. By forcing a scrollbar no matter the height of our content, we stop thi...
0 7 posted 9 years ago by paul66
Also seen for now at carinsurancerates.com Assembled this in 2008 and have used it numerous times since then, reliable chunk of code. Jquery can be used to add a nice slide down option like on carinsurancerates.com
2 22 posted 9 years ago by toltmanns
0 11 posted 9 years ago by focal55
0 13 posted 9 years ago by gaborage
The code below will change the background-color of divs depending on what browser the user is viewing the web page under. Since * cascades down to IE7 and below, we use _ after that declaration so that IE6 (and below) has a different background color...
1 24 posted 9 years ago by alozuldo
Important Browser Reset style rules...
1 12 posted 9 years ago by jaymanpandya
A way to do 100% DIVs that adjust to content and center themselves both vertically and horizontally automatically. Tested for all browsers at 1920X1080 resolution. The 96% body height fixes Firefox and IE scrollbars that appear without reason and mig...
1 12 posted 10 years ago by bryanlyman
2 18 posted 10 years ago by PeteW
When you can't use firebug to discover cross browser compatibility problems (i.e. internet explorer 6) then what's the fastest way to see the padding and margins? A quick solution is adding a css debug class to your container. Feel free to change...
0 26 posted 10 years ago by chrisjlee
Test page to check the support of different CSS media types in browsers. If you go into Print Preview, for example, the Print media type should show as "In Use" if it is supported.
0 19 posted 11 years ago by wizard04
This will create a bulleted list using images as the bullets.
2 18 posted 11 years ago by cbx
6 62 posted 11 years ago by alli14404
2 17 posted 11 years ago by iTony
When you klick a link in Firefox... there is a dotted outline. Hide it with outline:none.
0 13 posted 11 years ago by FlashJunior
Bugfix/Lösungsvorschlag: Es ist offensichtlich, dass die Zelle mit der ID cell3467 und dem definierten "margin-right: 3.09%" falsch berechnet wird - nämlich mit realen 16 Pixeln anstatt 8 - und auf den obersten Basis-Wert der "DIV width" zurück...
1 14 posted 11 years ago by bassdas
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