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Show a colored and meaningful view of a GIT repository in the shell
0 106 posted 3 years ago by rm1984
This example shows you how to log errors to a file, and prevent showing them to the user. Make sure that the file exists and you're able to write to it.
0 84 posted 5 years ago by apphp-snippets
It can be useful to take a peek at what Apache is doing but I always forget the location of the Apache logs so I can use tail.
0 39 posted 7 years ago by inreflection7
For impl of 'simpleLog', in eclipse, the default instructions did not work for me , providing LEVEL_ALL logs until i added one additional prop not mentioned in the link
0 57 posted 8 years ago by rowntreerob
run this in git bash to see a pretty blame
0 46 posted 9 years ago by root_hacker
0 31 posted 10 years ago by evertwh
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