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typoscript column tsconfig backend

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Show / hide columns in TYPO3 backend

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This PageTSConfig is used to show/hide columns in the TYPO3 backend when TemplaVoila! is not being used

  1. #Page TSConfig:
  2. mod.SHARED.colPos_list= 1,0,2,3
  4. #1 = LEFT
  5. #0 = NORMAL
  6. #2 = RIGHT
  7. #3 = BORDER

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Posted By: dokma on May 19, 2010

You forgot to mention that the order also matters:

mod.SHARED.colPos_list= 0,1,2

would display the Normal column first and then the two smaller columns Left and Right to the right of Normal. This is very useful when the layout of the columns in the frontend is organized the same way. Taken from:

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