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import txt read excel

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Read data from txt files

 / Published in: Visual Basic

Read data from TXT files to import them in Excel environment

  1. Sub ImportFromText(x As Integer, y As Integer, filename As String)
  2. Dim base As String
  3. Dim WS As Worksheet
  4. Dim WB As Workbook
  6. Set WB = ThisWorkbook
  7. Set WS = WB.Worksheets("Results")
  9. base = ThisWorkbook.PATH
  10. file_path = base & "\output\" & filename
  11. Open file_path For Input As #1
  12. r = x
  13. Do Until EOF(1)
  14. Line Input #1, Data
  15. v = Split(Data, vbTab)
  16. For i = 0 To 3 Step 1
  17. If r = x Then
  18. WS.Range("AA2").Offset(r, y + i) = v(i)
  19. Else
  20. WS.Range("AA2").Offset(r, y + i) = Round(CDbl(v(i)), 5)
  21. End If
  22. Next i
  23. r = r + 1
  24. Loop
  25. Close #1
  26. End Sub
  28. Sub import_modified_files()
  29. Call ImportFromText(0, 0, "Stream number 1 - stream function 0,0000.txt")
  30. Call ImportFromText(0, 4, "Stream number 2 - stream function 0,2500.txt")
  31. Call ImportFromText(0, 8, "Stream number 3 - stream function 0,5000.txt")
  32. Call ImportFromText(0, 12, "Stream number 4 - stream function 0,7500.txt")
  33. Call ImportFromText(0, 16, "Stream number 5 - stream function 1,0000.txt")
  34. End Sub

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