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line styles, colors, markers in matlab

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This script is for generating plots with many curves, where each curve has its own marker, color, and line style. Please see my blog post for more explanations and leave comments there.

  1. linestyles = cellstr(char('-',':','-.','--','-',':','-.','--','-',':','-',':',...
  2. '-.','--','-',':','-.','--','-',':','-.'));
  4. MarkerEdgeColors=jet(n); % n is the number of different items you have
  5. Markers=['o','x','+','*','s','d','v','^','<','>','p','h','.',...
  6. '+','*','o','x','^','<','h','.','>','p','s','d','v',...
  7. 'o','x','+','*','s','d','v','^','<','>','p','h','.'];
  9. % [...]
  11. hold on
  12. for i=1:n
  13. plot(X(i,:), Y(i,:),[linestyles{i} Markers(i)],'Color',MarkerEdgeColors(i,:));
  14. end

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