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Obscure Email Script

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This script stores the elements of the email address as JavaScript variables and assembles them on the fly every time the page loads. The page rendered looks the same to users, but the address never actually lives in the page source code. It can be inserted inline.

  1. <script language=javascript><!--
  2. var email = "kermitthefrog";
  3. var emailHost = "";
  4. document.write(email + '@' + emailHost);
  5. //--></script>
  7. If JavaScript is not working, the visitor will see nothing, though. This
  8. will take care of that:
  10. <span id="kermit-email">kermitthefrog -at- gmail -dot- com</span>
  11. <script language=javascript><!--
  12. var email = "kermitthefrog";
  13. var emailHost = "";
  14. document.getElementById('kermit-email').innerHTML = email + '@' +
  15. emailHost;
  16. //--></script>

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Posted By: Unreal on March 1, 2009

Im sorry, but I dont see the point of this lol.

Posted By: mahalie on June 18, 2009

Are you joking? Spam-protecting email addresses is web dev 101. If there's a reason this won't work or doesn't make sense I'd like to know why...specifically.

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