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Turns Wordpress custom menus into responsive-ready menu that comes with foundation framework. code goes into functions.php
0 976 posted 11 years ago by zartgesotten
This was for a customer. Basically it does this: If a page has no children, it shows ... nothing, if a page has a parent, it shows all other children of this parent (siblings) and the current page if a page has a parent AND children (3rd level)...
0 713 posted 13 years ago by zartgesotten
This is what I wanted:\r\nI had a structure like this:\r\n-Artist\r\n --Peter Miller\r\n ---Pictures\r\n ---Press\r\n ---Videos\r\n\r\nand wanted to have the sub-sub-Menu when located on the \"Peter Miller\"-Page. \r\nSo that on \"Peter...
0 565 posted 13 years ago by zartgesotten
I didn't like the way my bookmarks came out with wp_list_bookmarks or any other built-in function, so I figured out a way to have total control about the way your wordpress bookmarks are displayed. In this example I wanted a table with the Bookmark...
0 540 posted 14 years ago by zartgesotten
Of course the Plugin from has to be installed, the file "wpml-integration.php" from docs/theme-integration has to be copied into your theme-directory and the call include "wpml-integration.php"; has to be copied to your functions.php. After...
0 520 posted 14 years ago by zartgesotten
I pieced together this code when I had to do this for a client: - show the first image attached to a post (based on sort order in gallery tab) in medium size - put all the other images attached to the post into an imageset so that when you click on...
1 896 posted 15 years ago by zartgesotten
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