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Name: Rajesh Kannan MJ

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I am a designer and I would like to share my knowledge here through submitting snippets of Javascript, jQuery and CSS.

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I have made a small jQuery snippet to demo the image swapping with attr() funciton. The demo uses 2 images with classes img1 and img2 respectively. On a click of a button, the images are swapped. Basically the script stores “src” value into...
0 620 posted 10 years ago by vijayrajesh
By storing or by having the Iframe embed code as a variable, You can play the Youtube video on a click of a button or any other event. I have used “append” function of jQuery to append the IFrame code dynamically inside a DIV tag.
0 1377 posted 10 years ago by vijayrajesh
The thumbnails of Youtube videos are generally low in quality. Sometimes, the thumbnail is not enough to get the people attention. Here is a small code I have written that works as follows. A custom thumbnail is displayed at the size of 560px wi...
0 845 posted 10 years ago by vijayrajesh
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