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Name: Paul Istoan

Location: Bucharest, Romania


I’m a developer from Onesti, Romania. I’ve been using Flash since Flash 5. Now I’m only using ActionScript 3 for my development.

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This PHP code is made to help people using the ActionScript 3 AlivePDF library to save PDF files from a Flash app to a server. ActionScript 3 AlivePDF save code:, "save.php", Download.ATTACHMENT, "MyFile.pdf");
0 687 posted 11 years ago by vamapaull
I’m sharing with you a little utility that I find myself using a lot lately. This utility is a value convertor that you can use in those times when you need to make a volume slider or something similar where you’ll need to change a value and a va...
0 844 posted 11 years ago by vamapaull
It's very useful if you build a FLV player for example, and want to convert the time into minutes:seconds (example: 6:13) //apply it to your project like this (and don't forget to import the class): time.text = TimeUtil.getTimecode(timeValue);
0 668 posted 11 years ago by vamapaull
An easy way to detect shakes on mobile devices with equipped accelerometer.
0 752 posted 11 years ago by vamapaull
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