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This allows you to take a node that has expressions in it and create copies of them that are hard pathed. It will also disable said expression driven write nodes and disable them.
0 251 posted 8 years ago by throb
A function that adds gamma attribs to the image files that are 8 bit in nature (aka not EXR or HDR) so that you can get to a linear workflow easily
0 225 posted 9 years ago by throb
0 189 posted 10 years ago by throb
This is a fix to an old bug with the Foundry script
0 304 posted 10 years ago by throb
0 180 posted 10 years ago by throb
Loads of code lifted from here :
0 255 posted 10 years ago by throb
This creates a zipfile with the same name as the input file in the same location as the input file. Only does a single file.
0 219 posted 11 years ago by throb
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