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Adjust the size of the body field window. For use in hook_form_alter().
0 245 posted 10 years ago by tgbdad
Suppress button to "split summary at cursor" on node bodies that are generally short and won't ever be displayed as teasers. (These lines go in hook_form_alter functions.)
0 276 posted 10 years ago by tgbdad
Suppress the input format section of a node form when you don't really want users (even admin) to change it. Particularly handy for uncluttering forms with lots of CCK fields on them.
0 214 posted 10 years ago by tgbdad
This example will return values -15 through 15 to be presented to the user in a select list for an integer CCK field.
0 304 posted 11 years ago by tgbdad
I currently have project_issue nodes set for replacement pattern issues/issue[nid] in Drupal 5.x PathAuto. This query fixes all of the URL aliases for entries created before this was set correctly.
0 268 posted 12 years ago by tgbdad
1 243 posted 12 years ago by tgbdad
This might work in Drupal 6, but I haven't tried it.
2 356 posted 12 years ago by tgbdad
Place this code in the template.php file of your custom Zen sub-theme to create a friendly reminder that this site uses their LDAP password. In this example, we use Novell Directory Services as our LDAP provider.
1 272 posted 13 years ago by tgbdad
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