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Adjust the size of the body field window. For use in hook_form_alter().
0 57 posted 9 years ago by tgbdad
Suppress button to "split summary at cursor" on node bodies that are generally short and won't ever be displayed as teasers. (These lines go in hook_form_alter functions.)
0 74 posted 9 years ago by tgbdad
Suppress the input format section of a node form when you don't really want users (even admin) to change it. Particularly handy for uncluttering forms with lots of CCK fields on them.
0 47 posted 9 years ago by tgbdad
This example will return values -15 through 15 to be presented to the user in a select list for an integer CCK field.
0 97 posted 10 years ago by tgbdad
I currently have project_issue nodes set for replacement pattern issues/issue[nid] in Drupal 5.x PathAuto. This query fixes all of the URL aliases for entries created before this was set correctly.
0 60 posted 11 years ago by tgbdad
This might work in Drupal 6, but I haven't tried it.
2 101 posted 11 years ago by tgbdad
Place this code in the template.php file of your custom Zen sub-theme to create a friendly reminder that this site uses their LDAP password. In this example, we use Novell Directory Services as our LDAP provider.
1 63 posted 12 years ago by tgbdad
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