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Name: Dan Stewart

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In 1997 I worked as a Web Content Administrator for the Stillwater News Press. Since then I have stayed with Web Development focusing on ASP.NET MVC C#. I also write queries against a Microsoft SQL Server database. I created a Snipplr account to write amusing Star Wars code. Please feel free to comment on my code so that I can improve it.

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  1. FAV

    String Comparison C#

    C# saved by 2 people 3 views posted 9 years ago stewshack
  2. FAV

    Linq to Star Wars

    This is a simple Linq query against a list of Star Wars characters.
    C# saved by 1 person 1 views posted 9 years ago stewshack
  3. FAV

    C# String Formats

    Here are some example string formats. As I discover more I will add them here.
    C# saved by 24 people 10 views posted 10 years ago stewshack
  4. FAV

    C# Reading a File

    This is how I read a file using C#.
    C# saved by 12 people 6 views posted 10 years ago stewshack
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