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Use this to go to a URL when selecting an option.
2 704 posted 13 years ago by smoothdzion
Since :first-child and :last-child aren't compatible with all modern browsers I thought I'd post this snippet. It make automating the class creation easier too instead of having to remember when typing up your HTML or creating logic in your programm...
3 817 posted 14 years ago by smoothdzion
Great short snippet of code to toggle checkboxes. Thanks [Josh Nathanson]( for putting this simple code together.
6 705 posted 14 years ago by smoothdzion
I needed to copy the value of one field to a couple of others in case users decided to forget to fill them out. Using jQuery and added it to a helper because I was using in multiple places. Created variables to make it more readable.
1 627 posted 14 years ago by smoothdzion
First value takes empty input values and adds 'Enter Value'.<br> Second snippet removes 'Enter Value' when input is focused.<br> Third snippet re-adds 'Enter Value' if the value is left blank.
2 817 posted 14 years ago by smoothdzion
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