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This function allows an object's property names to be read by using an index. The properties can be accessed like: someobject.propertyNames[0] or someobject.propertyValues[0]. But you first have to make the object's properties available by calling so...
2 712 posted 17 years ago by rolandog
Constructs an element out of arrays. Using nested arrays translates into nested ChildNodes. Update 2006-07-19: Added documentation (comments). Update 2006-11-25: Reduced the ammount of code needed.
5 757 posted 17 years ago by rolandog
Directions: be sure to set to absolute paths every image location from your litebox-1.0.js and lightbox.css files... and, replace the setInnerHTML function with this one...
1 823 posted 17 years ago by rolandog
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