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A template for a javascript object with a object.create shiv to condense into object prototypes
0 640 posted 9 years ago by rickygri
This is a really basic skeleton template for jQuery plugins. It provides a callback function which can be called anywhere in your plugin with base.success(); This will return the current element, but you can pass anything you like back by changing th...
0 709 posted 10 years ago by rickygri
Used to stretch a video / image to fill a background without skewing. Attach to resize events
0 697 posted 10 years ago by rickygri
This send any value via POST to a PHP page. It is done with AJAX, so the POST return can be used on the same page as the submit
0 832 posted 11 years ago by rickygri
This javascript function takes the URL of the target page and an associative array of name/values paires and POSTs the data to the supplied URL by dynamically creating a form and then submitting it.
0 2314 posted 11 years ago by rickygri
Shows how to use an array to embed swf objects with swfobject.js. This allows for multiple embeds (synced ad's etc.)
0 578 posted 11 years ago by rickygri
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