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Set a reminder. Use +hhmm to set a reminder for some hh (hours) or mm (minutes) in the future; e.g., set an alarm for 45 minutes from now as: leave +0045
0 439 posted 15 years ago by rhockens
After: sudo port -v selfupdate Update outdated ports with: sudo port upgrade outdated
1 560 posted 16 years ago by rhockens
After installing MacPorts, try running a selfupdate to grab all the latest MacPorts Portfiles (Portfiles contain information about how to install MacPorts software "ports"). You will need to run this command as an administrator, and it requires root...
0 486 posted 16 years ago by rhockens
[quote] Verbose booting shows you the actual process of Mac OS X's startup. You'll see drivers get loaded and services launch. This command should work on any recent (New World) Macintosh: sudo /usr/sbin/nvram boot-args="-v". The -v flag tells the s...
0 477 posted 16 years ago by rhockens
"...UNIX systems run scheduled maintenance routines — known as maintenance scripts — to clean up a variety of System logs and temporary files. By default, these are executed between 03:15 and 05:30 hours local time, depending on the script. If...
1 583 posted 16 years ago by rhockens
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