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Again, A-B-C. All the Behaviour garbage that "Add Service Reference" inserts for the TCP binding is unnecessary, especially if the Operation Contract is only for simple value types.
0 646 posted 11 years ago by rengber
ABC - Address Binding Contract Note that the Service Name and Contract must match a real live type (case Sensitive) Binding name is also case sensitive.
0 616 posted 11 years ago by rengber
Useful in cases where the object author has specified their own serialization that doesn't work for you.
1 703 posted 14 years ago by rengber
Definitely falls into the category of "simple thing I shoulda memorized years ago", but whatever:
0 545 posted 14 years ago by rengber
This persists the dynamic classes generate by the .net serialize to disk at location C:\Documents and Settings\A063913\ASPNET\Local Settings\Temp Note. This will allow you to debug into the serialized classes from VS2005
1 648 posted 15 years ago by rengber
This is as small as this can go: 'xs:dateTime(sql:variable("@stringDate"))' It needs to be a literal string for the Value() function. Xml Datatype Sql:Variable() Function http://ms...
0 990 posted 15 years ago by rengber
If there will be multiple sets of these tags in a scanned XML string, you need the '?' after the '*' to specify a non-greedy (lazy) match.
4 920 posted 16 years ago by rengber
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