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These are just two css media queries you may want to use for your website development. With lots of smart-phones, and tablets being able to orientate their screens from landscape to portrait, you may want to include different styles for each. This is...
1 477 posted 12 years ago by paul66
IE7 by default uses an image resizing algorithm that means that scaled down images can look far from awesome. To solve this, we simply enable a much better resizing algorithm that is available in IE7 that produces results similar to what you’d expe...
0 471 posted 12 years ago by paul66
This snippet basically gives us the best of both worlds, allowing the best usability when it comes to link outlines for both screenreaders tabbing through links, and mouse users.
0 453 posted 12 years ago by paul66
Alignment of labels with their relevant inputs can be a horrible task to achieve in older browsers. This snippets solves that for us by making it consistent across browsers!
0 393 posted 12 years ago by paul66
This snippet simply makes the text wrap when it reaches the walls of its container, in this case, the pre tag, whilst still preserving line breaks and white space cross browser.
0 455 posted 12 years ago by paul66
Sometimes, pages can be shorter than the browser view-port, and when you load a page on the same site that has longer content and uses a scrollbar, content can jump side to side. By forcing a scrollbar no matter the height of our content, we stop thi...
0 453 posted 12 years ago by paul66
To get rid of rendering inconsistencies that can occur between browsers and OS’s when rendering fonts in pixels, this snippet allows you to size your fonts in such a way that the size and line-height will remain consistent across these platforms fo...
0 388 posted 12 years ago by paul66
Plenty of you will have used Eric Meyer’s css reset before now. It is included in many frameworks and so on, like This is a revamped version of that reset, that brings it into the present with full support for html5. It sets all the new str...
1 597 posted 12 years ago by paul66
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