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Create a subtle "recessed" looking divider line. The example restyles the <hr> tag but it can applied to anything.
1 288 posted 8 years ago by nshakin
Reference a custom font file for use within a stylesheet
0 257 posted 8 years ago by nshakin
A concise reference listing all of the available functions built into Sass.
0 395 posted 8 years ago by nshakin
I recently wanted to learn Sass and after reading the documentation I looked around for a more concise set of docs to reference while writing but couldn't find anything. So I made my own based off of what was in the documentation of Sass's website....
0 421 posted 8 years ago by nshakin
Cascading Style Sheets allow developers to exercise greater control over background images on the Web. You can make an image tile vertically across the page, horizontally across the page, or both. Simply define the style at the top of the page, and d...
0 342 posted 8 years ago by nshakin
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