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Learn how to test for CSS property support in specific browsers using this simple Javascript technique.
1 449 posted 12 years ago by neal_grosskopf
Learn how to emulate ASP.NET's AppendFormat method in Javascript. AppendFormat is essentially a simple form of concatenation in ASP.NET.
1 466 posted 13 years ago by neal_grosskopf
Find out how to do rounded corners in CSS. A new method has recently come out that makes it extremely easy to implement.
3 874 posted 14 years ago by neal_grosskopf
Slim down the size of your javascript by using these custom functions.
2 406 posted 14 years ago by neal_grosskopf
Flash sucks, embedding it sucks more, find out how to make it not suck.
2 628 posted 14 years ago by neal_grosskopf
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