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This simply takes an array and coverts it to variables. E.g. If you had an array, $array = array("key" => "value"), after running this script, $key would be "value".
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1 465 posted 11 years ago by mloberg
A Twitter pull-in that I coded using PHP. Uses the JSON user_timeline Twitter API call. It displays the tweet with links to any urls, users, or hashtags, the time ago, and if it was in reply to anyone.
2 467 posted 11 years ago by mloberg
This is a two file video player. I use JSON to get the list of videos from a user, then when a thumbnail is clicked, an AJAX request is sent with the id of the video, and an oEmbed response is sent back.
4 346 posted 11 years ago by mloberg
This is a very simple use of the Vimeo API. All it does is list the video title, a thumbnail of the video, and the description. More advance script coming later.
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2 389 posted 11 years ago by mloberg
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