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Our basic WP navigation menu setup. See [this page](http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_nav_menu) for more documentation.
0 330 posted 11 years ago by mindshare
HTML5 replacements for the doctype, etc. for WorPress themes. Add this code to your header.php file and you site will use HTML5. Be sure to double check the rest of your theme files for validation errors.
1 358 posted 11 years ago by mindshare
Here are a couple of snippets for removing the CSS, JS, and Dashboard widget created by the WP Geo plugin. I love this plugin but often only use it as a simple way to embed geo data on posts and don't actually need it to generate maps.
0 561 posted 11 years ago by mindshare
Place this code in your themes `functions.php` file.
0 485 posted 11 years ago by mindshare
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