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The snippet below was pulled from code that loads a list of names pulled from Active Directory into a listbox. This code will execute when the user double clicks on a name in the list box (lstResults) and stores it in a variable to be passed to anoth...
0 660 posted 10 years ago by mattvbiggs
Handy code snippet for keeping track of the number of characters a user is entering into a textbox or textarea. It will dynamically update the count as the user is typing. This also works with copy & paste. The top snippet will automatically calcu...
2 553 posted 10 years ago by mattvbiggs
The following code snippet will highlight the row in a table when the checkbox is checked. It will remove the highlight when the checkbox is unchecked. This will work for basic <table> as well as a GridView. The "input:not(#selectAll)" will ignore...
0 741 posted 11 years ago by mattvbiggs
There are a couple of steps involved to connect to an SAP web service. Really, its about the same as connecting to a regular ASMX web service, using the .ajax() function. Make sure you have a WSDL with the function and connection information. I recom...
0 1087 posted 11 years ago by mattvbiggs
I know there are other solutions and sites out there that provide code to perform this simple animation but I like the way I laid out the code. The principal behind this code is it will toggle a show or hide event and change your plus or minus image...
1 618 posted 13 years ago by mattvbiggs
This code can be used to create a MVC View User Control (.ascx) that will display a cascade or select all button with a clear button for checkboxes arranged in a hierarchy.
1 616 posted 13 years ago by mattvbiggs
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