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A guy with a passion for front end web development, web design and everything related to World Wide Web. I enjoy messing around with Photoshop, creating simplistic designs and making them a reality with the use of semantic XHTML, CSS and jQuery.

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Add the following code to the end of the functions.php file. Et voilà !
1 737 posted 13 years ago by math89
All it takes is a stylesheet and a small function in the theme’s functions.php file
1 627 posted 14 years ago by math89
Replace the default WordPress “W” logo in the administrative header with a custom one. Add this code inside the theme’s “functions.php” file.
0 739 posted 14 years ago by math89
Remove the “Please upgrade now” message in the Wordpress Dashboard Paste the code in your functions.php
0 544 posted 14 years ago by math89
It allows you to automatically get the first image from the current post, and display it.
2 2190 posted 14 years ago by math89
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