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Born helpless, nude and unable to provide for myself, I am working into overcoming these handicaps.

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  1. FAV

    Elegant FizzBuzz Example

    When you use the `+` operator on an Array, it converts it to a string.` [].toString()` is the same as `[].join(',')`, which gives an empty string in case the array value is `undefined` or `null`. This also works in Javascript `([undefined] + "b" ===...
    JavaScript 8 views posted 8 years ago luizlopes
  2. FAV

    JavaScript Object Prototypal inheritance

    an operator that implements true prototypal Object inheritance in JavaScript
    JavaScript 6 views posted 8 years ago luizlopes
  3. FAV

    Iterating over the properties of an object

    JSLint requires the body of every `for in` statement should be wrapped in an `if` statement
    JavaScript 9 views posted 8 years ago luizlopes
  4. FAV

    Submit Form with Control + Enter

    I took this out of an example in tutsplus, and I added a fadeIn action for aesthetic reasons.
    HTML 7 views posted 8 years ago luizlopes
  5. FAV

    Simple Slideshow

    jQuery saved by 4 people 4 views posted 10 years ago luizlopes
  6. FAV

    iPhone Orientation Javascript

    JavaScript saved by 12 people 11 views posted 11 years ago luizlopes
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