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If you have not already been writing your border-radius statements with progressive enhancement in mind, now is most definitely the time to do it.
3 259 posted 11 years ago by justinseiter
When you hover over the “message” div, the “controls” div inside it will appear, along with all of its content, giving you the same functionality as used by the Twitter web app. There may be an issue with accessibility because screen reade...
0 196 posted 12 years ago by justinseiter
This method maintains its integrity with all combinations of images on/off and CSS on/off. This method works by laying an empty span over the top of the parent element with the required image applied as a background to that span. There is howev...
4 364 posted 12 years ago by justinseiter
2 170 posted 12 years ago by justinseiter
This sticky footer solution is working in all major browsers, including Google Chrome! It works with floated 2-column layouts and we don't get overlap in re-sized browser windows unlike older solutions you find when you Google sticky footer. And you...
8 225 posted 12 years ago by justinseiter
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