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    Create Symbolic Link on Unix / Linux

    Example: ln -s /usr/local/apache/logs ./logs
    Bash saved by 12 people 7 views posted 11 years ago jonhenshaw
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    Password Protect Folder / Directory with htaccess and htpasswd on Apache and Linux / Unix

    Good info here too:
    Bash saved by 8 people 7 views posted 12 years ago jonhenshaw
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    Apache Graceful Restart

    Enter this command in Terminal to restart Apache. Especially useful after you've made changes to the hosts file.
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    Setting Up A Virtual Host (vhost) on Mac OS X and Gracefully Restarting Apache Web Server

    A great way to work on website in Mac OS X is to set up a vhost. Doing so is very easy. In System Preferences click on Sharing and then make sure you have Personal Web Sharing turned on. Then, open or create your vhosts.conf file (/private/etc/httpd/...
    XML saved by 8 people 10 views posted 13 years ago jonhenshaw
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