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1 103 posted 10 years ago by jasonseney
Basic example of calling a web service from code using GET. You can pass parameters in as query vars. Assumes return type of service is "String". Example return xml: <?xml> <string>US</string> @SNIPPLR TEAM: Please let me put xml at...
3 218 posted 11 years ago by jasonseney
## Markup ## _Using square [ ] brackets for compatibility with Snipplr comment form_ [asp:PlaceHolder ID="StuffHolder" runat="server" ] <p>Some stuff in here</p> [/asp:PlaceHolder] ## Code Behind ## HtmlAttr[] attribu...
1 177 posted 11 years ago by jasonseney
Will return a string that has any matched URLs wrapped in `<a>` tags. Example: `"This is a link to http://foobar.com . Please visit !"` Becomes: `"This is a link to <a href='http://foobar.com'>http://foobar.com</a> . Please visit!"` Note: Op...
2 472 posted 11 years ago by jasonseney
Example uses an object from 3rd party API. Needed to turn it into xml for returning from a webservice.
0 101 posted 11 years ago by jasonseney
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