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I’ve recently had to quickly parse an Apache log file, to get basic usage statistics for a site over a month and wanted the ability to quickly process any general logs and store them in a MySQL table, so I’ve made a small package class.log. In...
2 1089 posted 13 years ago by dom111
I’ve recently had to parse some pretty large XML documents, and needed a method to read one element at a time. Here’s a fairly simple solution in PHP.
0 1525 posted 13 years ago by dom111
I’ve been working on a CMS lately and having to create thumbnails for uploaded images is always a pain, lots of maths working out the correct sizes and such, so I’ve created a fairly small script to manipulate images in an object-oriented style.
0 588 posted 13 years ago by dom111
Been wanting to made one of these for a while and finally I got round to it. For some examples please visit the post: Any comments suggestions appreciated. CreativeCommons ShareAlike
3 1359 posted 15 years ago by dom111
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