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How does it work? This code checks/unchecks all checkboxes within the same fieldset. Simple and semantic. HTML Setup Add checkboxes however you like, just make sure they are within the same fieldset. <fieldset> <!--> <div><input>...
1 629 posted 11 years ago by dnnsldr
Here’s a handy bit of code that I use quite regularly, its particularly useful if your getting a response message from a form to notify the user that there data was sent, or comunicate an error and you want to fade the message out after a set time.
1 835 posted 11 years ago by dnnsldr
//This will grab taxonomies three levels deep (parent, child, grandchild) and display them //in an accordion fashion. Parent is the header, then child with a checkbox, if checked, will //display grandchild taxonomies. //Uses jQuery Accordion (do...
0 683 posted 11 years ago by dnnsldr
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