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This shortcode was tested with The Events Calendar version 3.3.1 Usage: [upcoming_events limit="6"]
0 510 posted 9 years ago by crypticsoft
I need this function all too often and figured I'd share it. Limit the_content() by word limit by using built in WordPress functions.
0 575 posted 10 years ago by crypticsoft
Here is a quick example on how to generate your own portfolio with filtering based on a taxonomy (in this case 'Solutions').
0 630 posted 10 years ago by crypticsoft
Note: This also uses a flat file to cache the results, be sure to also upload the 'rss_cache.txt' file. Usage: <?php>
0 622 posted 10 years ago by crypticsoft
For when you really just need a short description field along with a title for your slideshows. Just drop this into the functions.php and meteor-slideshow.php in the theme folder.
0 735 posted 10 years ago by crypticsoft
Sometimes you just want a random link to display and outside of the default format, this works perfectly and removes all default html (list items / headings).
0 607 posted 10 years ago by crypticsoft
When you create a custom post type and need to query by ID then you can pass in the 'field' and the 'terms' with the ID for that post type.
0 576 posted 11 years ago by crypticsoft
* Set your local path to the wordpress install, in my case was: "/blog/feed" * Edit the var contain = make it set to the selector, in my case I'm populated a list tag <ul></ul>. * Edit the var limit = 5; Set the amount of blog posts you want to dis...
1 1201 posted 12 years ago by crypticsoft
The code references a custom post type (mysite_listings) and adds custom columns for editing the listings in the admin. This adds custom fields onto the edit / list views. Note: You will want to change instances of "mysite_listings" with your own...
1 830 posted 12 years ago by crypticsoft
Example shows how to register post types for : * Listings (defined as 'mysite_listings' with the rewrite slug 'lookup') * Then registers the 'usa_states' taxonomy to the mysite_listings post type.
0 800 posted 12 years ago by crypticsoft
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