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I am web developer, I love coding and coding for ever using PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL, Visual Basic.

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  1. FAV


    Learn how to build simple css horizontal list menu.
    CSS 25 views posted 3 years ago codingforever99
  2. FAV

    make php login script

    How to build a login form using php with mysql database.
    PHP 16 views posted 6 years ago codingforever99
  3. FAV

    horizontal tabs in html with css

    designing a simple horizontal tab menu by using ul and il elements with css.
    CSS 19 views posted 6 years ago codingforever99
  4. FAV

    Image Sprites - How to get portion of an image

    One of the great methods to load and work with icons in web pages is to load one image that is a collection of several icons and use any icon as needed, that reduces the number of server request and save bandwidth.
    CSS saved by 3 people 14 views posted 6 years ago codingforever99
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