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Dropdown navigation is fairly inaccessible as it depends on hover events in 99.9% of cases. Tabbing through the navigation with the keyboard fails to reveal the dropdowns leaving those navigation items virtually inaccessible. Worse, each of the hidde...
0 1540 posted 14 years ago by chrisdpratt
Place the following code in header.php before the call to wp_head(). (If you do not include the exact version number when calling libraries from Google's AJAX Libraries API, a redirect is used to pull up the most current version. While this is han...
3 903 posted 14 years ago by chrisdpratt
jQuery is included via the Google AJAX Libraries repository. Dean Edwards' IE7-js is included via it's Google Code hosting URL. Version numbers of both libraries should be checked and updated to latest versions. _**Note:** While libraries can be r...
0 979 posted 14 years ago by chrisdpratt
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