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This will delete all items in a SharePoint list. Better than looping through a SPListItemCollection and doing a .delete();
0 838 posted 14 years ago by blackf0rk
In order to accurately get the next ID from a SharePoint list you need to access the content database for one reason: If you delete all the items from a list, and execute this simple code: list.Items[list.ItemCount -1].ID) + 1 the ID will always retu...
0 709 posted 14 years ago by blackf0rk
This will return a list of all the tables in a certain database along with their row count.
1 692 posted 14 years ago by blackf0rk
This command will fix the “The list is too large to save as a template. The size of a template cannot exceed 10485760 bytes." error when saving a list (including content) that's too big.
0 603 posted 14 years ago by blackf0rk
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