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I am an experienced freelance multimedia professional with a strong mix of technical and managerial skills. I have more than eight years’ experience working in a busy London full-service digital media agency. I consider myself an all-round digital media expert with a focus on Adobe Flash and related technologies. I am a hard worker who is very easy to get along with.\r\n\r\nPlease visit my LinkedIn profile ( to view recommendations from previous co-workers. I have worked on interactive projects across a wide range of sectors, including education, government, television and advertising, receiving more than 20 major industry awards. I am passionate about the industry and active within the online community, and always ensure my knowledge is up-to-date.

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If you don't deal with namespaces in XML correctly they can break your parsing in AS3. One way of getting around this is to remove the namespace from the XML a using regular expression.
0 376 posted 9 years ago by adrianparr
These five characters should be replaced with their HTML entity names before being used in XML, otherwise they may cause the XML to be invalid.
0 330 posted 10 years ago by adrianparr
This function trims a string and removes empty entries in a comma delimited list, removes extra commas from the beginning and end and also remove extra space characters between words.
1 360 posted 10 years ago by adrianparr
This code separates out the Flash Player Platform, Major Version number and Minor Version numbers.
0 243 posted 11 years ago by adrianparr
In AS2 forward slashes got url-encoded to %2F when you escaped them. But in AS3 they get ignored and left as they are. In some situations I have found that this can cause problems. So you can do it manually using this regular expression.
0 285 posted 11 years ago by adrianparr
Grant Skinner's RegExr: Online Regular Expression Testing Tool is very handy for checking your regular expressions.
0 494 posted 11 years ago by adrianparr
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