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Another handy one and one which I see quite often. You rollover an element and it animates. You then mouseover and mouseleave really quickly, multiple times and all the animations gets queued. This solves that problem. The delay(200) is like adding...
1 744 posted 13 years ago by Meander365
For those multiple rollovers - and their multiple flashes! The solution is to stop(!) them.
2 633 posted 13 years ago by Meander365
Dave Metvin\'s method. Two tricks to the method:\r\n\r\n$($boxes[div++] || []) - increaments \"div\" and passes an empty array if the element doesnt exist (so it exists).\r\n\r\narguments.callee - the name of the function currently being executed.
1 625 posted 13 years ago by Meander365
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