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Name: John Crossley

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Hello. My name is John i\'m a web developer from Manchester, England and I\'m a student.

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Just an example showing how to minimise the mixture of HTML and PHP in a view.
0 546 posted 11 years ago by JonnySnip3r
Just a simple php insert script.
0 570 posted 12 years ago by JonnySnip3r
Very basic dont judge!
0 676 posted 12 years ago by JonnySnip3r
This takes a date like so: Sat, 08 Jan 2011 from a database and allows you to use it in your code. For example if you wanted to work out a week from Sat, 08 Jan 2011 it can be done with ease. I created this for a project i am currently working on. Th...
0 521 posted 13 years ago by JonnySnip3r
Im pretty new to oop php i have tried to create a php search function but im sure this needs alot of improvement. So add on :D
0 399 posted 13 years ago by JonnySnip3r
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