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You know how your bookmarks toolbar will show a little arrow when there are too many to fit? This code snippet will make the toolbar twice the size in height, and make the bookmarks wrap to the next line. In mac, you need to edit the file /Users/-...
1 509 posted 15 years ago by Jacolyte
This function will allow you to use '#ABCDEF' or '0xEEFF33' instead of the RGB values required for imagecolorallocate() by stripping away any non hex characters. It will also check and make sure that it's a valid 6 digit hex value after the stripping...
0 541 posted 15 years ago by Jacolyte
Basically, this is the XHTML web standards template you see on the front page. I usually end up removing a few things, so this is just that template... but with the junk removed.
1 661 posted 15 years ago by Jacolyte
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