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Having a handle for groups of options allows script driven dynamic effects to manage changes of presentation with in the select without having to refresh or use other inefficient methods of updating the display.
0 705 posted 9 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
The first thing you might notice is that I am not using nested lists to layout the menu. That is an old XHTML layout technique. I am using the more semantically correct HTML5 <nav> tag. Menus are not lists, they are navigation so using the more moder...
0 817 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Each image is positioned, dimensioned, and repeated according to the comma separated values in the other background properties. The images in the list are layered front to back in the same order they are listed in the rule declaration. If a backgroun...
0 762 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
In modern browsers select options can now be style using most css properties. Of course, IE is still behind but it does support some styling as well. There are a lot more options on the site.
0 571 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Using an image background for a photo allows all kinds of framing possibilities
0 500 posted 10 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
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