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Calculates the center moving average for a time period. The vA requires a range or an array of numbers and the iSteps takes the number of periods in the timeframe (4 for quarters, 7 for weekly, ect)
1 944 posted 8 years ago by BDOGG32
Two functions that can extract text from a string. Must have the Option Compare Text at the top of the module.
2 719 posted 8 years ago by BDOGG32
Uses regular expressions to do string manipulation. Enter a regular expression into the required parameter and what you want the manipulation to do and it will process the string manipulation. For example if A1 contains John Doe1, Jane Doe2, John W...
2 790 posted 8 years ago by BDOGG32
Code to turn certain feature off and on for faster running of code in Excel
1 1051 posted 8 years ago by BDOGG32
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