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Function RegexReplace(ByVal text As String, _
                      ByVal replace_what As String, _
                      ByVal replace_with As String) As String

   Dim RE As Object
   On Error GoTo RegexReplace_Error
   Set RE = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")
   RE.Pattern = replace_what
   RE.Global = True
   RegexReplace = RE.Replace(text, replace_with)
   On Error GoTo 0
   Exit Function
   RegexReplace = err.Number

End Function

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Uses regular expressions to do string manipulation.  Enter a regular expression into the required parameter and what you want the manipulation to do and it will process the string manipulation.  For example if A1 contains John Doe1, Jane Doe2, John Wayne3 and you wanted to strip all the numbers out of it you could enter this formula:  =RegexReplace(I22,"[^a-zA-Z, ]", "").  This strips all characters that are not a through z or a comma or space.  Since all numbers are not in there then it removes them.  If you wanted to strip out all alpha characters and leave only the numbers it would look like:  =RegexReplace(I22,"[^1-9, ]", "")

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regex, code, function, excel

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Visual Basic