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at April 1, 2015 08:51 by BDOGG32

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Option Explicit 

Public glb_origCalculationMode As Integer 

Sub SpeedOn(Optional StatusBarMsgAs String = "Running macro...") 
     glb_origCalculationMode= Application.Calculation 
     With Application 
          .Calculation = xlCalculationManual 
          .ScreenUpdating= False 
          .EnableEvents= False 
          .DisplayAlerts= False 
          .Cursor = xlWait
          .StatusBar= StatusBarMsg 
          .EnableCancelKey= xlErrorHandler 
     End With 
End Sub 

Sub SpeedOff() 
     With Application 
          .Calculation = glb_origCalculationMode 
          .ScreenUpdating= True 
          .EnableEvents= True 
          .DisplayAlerts= True 
          .CalculateBeforeSave= True 
          .Cursor = xlDefault
          .StatusBar= False 
          .EnableCancelKey= xlInterrupt 
     End With 
End Sub

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Code to turn certain feature off and on for faster running of code in Excel

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SpeedOn and SpeedOff

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Visual Basic