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function when_images_loaded($img_container, callback) { // do callback when images in $img_container (jQuery object) are loaded. Only works when ALL images in $img_container are newly inserted images and this function is called immediately after images are inserted into the target.
    var _imgs = $img_container.find('img'),
        img_length = _imgs.length,
        img_load_cntr = 0;

    if (img_length) { //if the $img_container contains new images.
        _imgs.on('load', function() { //then we avoid the callback until images are loaded
            if (img_load_cntr == img_length) {
    else { //otherwise just do the main callback action if there's no images in $img_container.

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Callback for when images have loaded in an AJAX call

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ajax, images, cache

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